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  • Victoria Segovia

WHAT TO DO if you're NOT Photogenic?!

I can't tell you how many times I hear the phrase, "I'm not photogenic!" from both the people that I work with, and from those around me! Honestly, I've said it myself. Maybe you've done the same. Today I'm totally debunking the phrase with one SHOCKING point. (And a few others too!) Ready?

The first thing I'm going to tell you is going to be a a big one. Sooo... you tell everyone that you're not photogenic. You think you can't pose in photographs, that you don't have good angles, or maybe you just feel awkward in front of the camera. Here we go, you ready?

I hate to break it to you... but --


I'm serious. Like I said, maybe you're struggling in feeling fully confident in front of the camera. Welll my answer for you is that it isn't at all your fault. It's your photographer's fault, or the person taking the photos! Of course you're not going to know how to pose. No one comes into the world knowing how to model, or even look descent in photographs. You're just taught to smile, right?

But what do I do with my body? What do I do with my arms? -- while you may be asking these questions, I'm telling you right now that a good photographer will direct you every step of the way and tell you WHAT to do in the photos and HOW to do it, all so that you look EVEN BETTER than you expected! Moral of the story: Don't be too harsh on yourself when your friend takes an iPhone photo of you, and you think you look awkward. They're not a professional, of course it won't always be perfect!

Well... what CAN you do to help in the meantime?

I know, it's not like everyone hires a professional photographer for the day. In the meantime, how can you prepare for your photographs?


Everyone has a 'good side' that they feel more comfortable with in photographs. Maybe it's the side that you think your nose looks better in, the side that your hair is parted with, or just one that feels more like YOU! Stick to that side, because chances are, you'll feel more comfortable there. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, then LEARN what angles you're happiest with by practicing in the mirror! I know it sounds silly, but next time you're getting ready, pause and pretend you're having your photograph taken. It'll help you again in feeling more comfortable when the time comes.


Not everyone can pull off that straight model face... I know that I can't! Try to let out a laugh in a photograph instead! Show some real emotion! It's a great way to capture some good smiles, and creates more of a memory.


This one is HUGE. Moving around helps so much when taking photographs. When I'm on my photoshoots, I'm constantly asking those that I work with to move around through interactive posing, rather than going for stiff and awkward ones. Why? You're more likely to enjoy the photographs and how they look if they have a more natural feel to them. Even doing something as simple as swaying your arms or shoulders side to side can make a huge difference! Try walking towards the camera, or flipping your hair around! Get creative, it's a lot of fun!

TAKEAWAYS: Have someone who knows what they're doing taking your pictures. Ask them to adjust you accordingly! If you're working with a professional photographer, trust that they're going to tell you what to do with your hands, your arms, and what angle to turn your body. If you're just looking for an iPhone picture, instead of handing your camera to your grandma (sorry grandmas, you're still the best!!), give it to your sister or cousin! They'll know what they are doing, and you can easily ask them if you look awkward or not! If you want more help, know your angles and do so by practicing in the mirror! Show some emotion and don't be afraid to break out a good laugh! And use movement to create natural looking photographs.

That's it! If you like what you read and are interested in booking me, I'd LOVE to work with you! You're welcome to inquire about sessions and fees here!

As always, thanks for the read!

Victoria E


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