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  • Victoria Segovia

Should You Have an Unplugged Wedding?

Imagine this. You're walking down the aisle or staring out at the crowd during your big day, and all you see is your family, friends and guests holding up their phones... They aren't watching the beautiful ceremony that you spent years dreaming of. Instead, your guests watching it through their screens. Unplugged weddings aren't for everyone, but in case you're curious, let's chat about how you can go about encouraging it!

What is an unplugged wedding?

Let's start with some of the basics! An unplugged wedding ceremony is when the couple kindly requests that guests put away their cell phones and cameras in order to be fully present with the moment. (Afterall, you are probably hiring a professional to capture it all for you!)

What are some advantages of an unplugged wedding?

There are a number of advantages to having an unplugged wedding. The first is a bit obvious-- it encourages everyone attending to be fully present and to focus on the couple. When guests are fidgeting with their phones, trying to share their pictures or videos on social media, or aiming to capture moments on their own cameras, it takes away from the intimate atmosphere and environment. You want your guests to focus on you and your day and to feel those emotions with you, don't you?

Another advantage is that it encourages beautiful photographs from the photographer themself. It can be tricky to capture images of the ceremony or the couple when someone is standing in the way with their phone or with a bright LED screen in the shot. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to take photographs but someone's phone was in the way. Do you value the images that may sit on your guests phones forever, or the professional files that you will print and hang in your home or have as a keepsake in an album?

How to encourage an unplugged wedding ceremony?

There are a few great ways to encourage the unplugged ceremony. The first is obvious-- word of mouth! Try to encourage your families, friends, and guests to not use their phones during the ceremony, and ask them to spread the word with others.

Another great way is to include it on wedding invitations, signs around the ceremony site, or the pamphlets and handouts that the guests will be receiving! There are a number of great templates that you can find online. Etsy even has some cute signs that you can customize and order yourself. See the image below, also linked here!

Here is a link to another template that you can personalize and print out, or order as handouts for the guests.

Having physical reminders that you would like your guests to respect your wishes is a great way to get through to everyone.

Another way to go about it? You can even ask your officiant to kindly announce that the ceremony is unplugged. This is another awesome idea if you're wanting to get through to the guests.

Whenever asked about planning an unplugged ceremony, I always suggest that couples pick and choose how they'd like to approach it! Whether it's just through word of mouth, from your wedding officiant, or if you choose to have a beautiful sign engraved to remind guests-- it will definitely be worth it in the end!!

Thanks for the read!

Victoria E


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