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  • Victoria Segovia

5 Tips for Wedding Planning!!

Let’s talk about wedding planning + some of my favorite tips for your big day!! Where do you even start in the process? I know it may seem overwhelming, but when you take it step by step + break down the process, I promise it makes it so much easier!!

⭐️ Tip 1: Make sure your photographer is someone you feel comfortable with! Your wedding photographer and/or videographer will be by your side a majority of the day, therefore the memories and experiences you create with them will be tied to the photos! You should feel more than comfortable talking to them about your vision + be able to chat with them like a friend!!

⭐️ Tip 2: Before diving deep into the planning, discuss which details are most important to you. Maybe you know that you love florals or want to put an emphasis on the invitations! When you know which details are most meaningful to you prior to planning, you can prepare yourself to splurge a bit more on those areas + be more creative with the others!

⭐️ Tip 3: Remember that your wedding day is YOUR wedding day. It’s not your friends, it’s not your family’s— don’t let anyone tell you what they think you should do or tell you how to run the day!

⭐️ Tip 4: Pinterest is your best friend!! Scroll away for wedding inspiration, ideas, and even for photos that you’d like to recreate!! Plus it’s fun & get’s you excited lol

⭐️ Tip 5: Hire a planner, day of coordinator, or double check that your venue has someone to help run the show! I can’t even begin to explain how helpful wedding planners or coordinators are on wedding days! Not only do they ensure that you stay on schedule, but are there to help with last minute details + the unexpected!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST!! Remember to enjoy yourself!! Don’t let the stress of wedding planning take away from the joy of the experience!! Wedding planning is supposed to be fun! One day you’re going to look back on it all and smile. Until then, keep dreaming up your wedding day + looking forward to what’s to come!!


Victoria E


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