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  • Victoria Segovia

Saint Louis Location Guide for Photoshoots

So you're starting to think of a location for your photoshoot, but maybe you're feeling a bit overwhelmed!? Where to begin! There are so many beautiful parks, gardens and fields to photograph in! I'm breaking down a few of my favorite and most popular locations for sessions in this blog post.

1. Forest Park

Forest park is a classic for photoshoots! Whether you're wanting a mix of the architecture from the museum / grand basin and the nature, or just want to stick to the trees and more of the 'outdoorsy' feel, this is one my favorite places to photograph. Forest Park has so many hidden gems (partly because it's so huge!)-- I know where all the weeping willows are, the small ponds and bodies of water, fields of tall grass, etc. You name what you're looking for in the park and I've got you! (Also a beautiful location, regardless of the season!!) Want to see more from Forest Park? Check out Brooke & Danny's engagement session!

2. Klondike Park

Klondike Park is another favorite of mine, especially because it does not at all look or feel like you're in Saint Louis anymore! With the white sand, rocks, the huge bodies of water, and the sunset's position in the sky, this place is impossible not to love! (Again, very beautiful in the fall!!)

3. Broemmelsiek Park

This park may not be close to the city, but the sun also pours down on the landscape like no other! In the summer and spring, the park is blooming with fields of florals. The fall has more of the golden feel too, with lots of tall grass and beautiful changing leaves.

4. Tower Grove Park

Nestled right in the heart of downtown Saint Louis, this is a great location if you're wanting more open landscape, paved walkways, lots of trees, and a mix of the urban architecture. This place is also BLOOMING with different colored flowers in the spring, has lots of greenery in the summer, and the fall foliage is gorgeous when it cools down!

Thinking of a location that isn't featured?

A lot of my favorite sessions are actually at locations that I haven't been to before, or places that couples hold near and dear to their hearts! I've had couples come across parks that they've visited while out on a run, request to photograph at places that they love going hiking, had photoshoots in backyards of homes, at local diners, in front of favorite ice cream shops, the list goes on!! If you're thinking of a location that might be a great fit, LET ME KNOW! We'll turn that vision into a reality!! And one more thing... if you come across a photograph that I've taken either recently or in the past and you like the look of it, also let me know!! We can either re-visit that place or find somewhere similar.

pictured: session locations I had not yet visited / requested by couple

As always, thanks for the read!! Hope this was helpful, chat soon!!


Victoria E


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