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Beautiful. Candid. Authentic.
On your special day, I'm not just your photographer. Other than beautifully capturing each and every important moment, I'm also your supporter, an extra helper and pair of hands, and I'm there to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as planned!

Your story is so unique and deserves to be captured in the most authentic way possible. How do I go about doing so? I believe that photography isn't all about the posed shots, rather it's capturing the candid photos in between. It's photographing the look on a groom's face as he sees his beautiful bride walking towards him. Imagine photographs of your mother, wiping tears of joy away from her eyes. Forget awkward feelings or discomfort in front of the camera-- I'm here to direct you every step of the way, creating natural yet timeless photographs! My goal is to capture photographs so full of emotion that they're sure to take you right back to your special day.

A bit about how I work with you... My goal is to be much more than your photographer. It's to be one of your biggest supporters and even helper on the day of. Need some help zipping up your dress? I'm on it. Want a bottle of water from the bar? I'll be off to get it before you can finish your sentence. I'm right by your side, every step of the way to ensure that you have a relaxing and smooth experience.


Aside from that, your wedding day should be FUN! Prepare to laugh a lot, forget that there's even a camera in the room, and jam out to some good tunes while we're taking photos. I can't wait to get to know you and chat about the vision for your perfect day!
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