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  • Victoria Segovia


Okay so maybe you want to get professional photos done. Maybe you've had a bad experience in the past? When you think of a professional photoshoot, those stiff and traditional "smiling at the camera" photos come to mind, right? Well I'm writing this post to basically explain a few overarching ideas!!

-Not every single photographer has the same approach when taking pictures!


I'm breaking down four huge misconceptions that come with portrait photography.

These are misconceptions that I've heard from previous clientele. They are also ones that I believed about photography at some point in time! Whether you're getting married, are engaged, or just interested in doing a portrait session, this post may apply to you! Let's begin now, shall we!!?

1. If you feel awkward on camera, you probably shouldn't get professional photographs of yourself taken.

Out of all the myths I'm debunking in today's blog post, this is the one worry/fear that I probably hear most frequently. I can't tell you how many times people tell me that they pushed off getting professional photos taken because they "feel awkward on camera," or because they "don't know how to pose or what to do." Guess what!? The best part is-- you don't have to! If you feel awkward on camera, it's probably because you don't have the right photographer taking your pictures. When I photograph, it's all about prompting and fun instruction!! With that right photographer, there won't be a second that you'll second-guess what to do with your hands, your arms or how to "pose".

2. If you or your partner doesn't like getting your photo taken, the photoshoot won't be fun and the photos won't turn out well.

This is the second most common thing that I hear! I am often told by couples that their partner doesn't like getting their photograph taken, or that they "aren't huge on taking pictures." Of course, after the photoshoot that completely changes!! Yes, even if you or your partner hates getting photos taken, not all professional photoshoots are the same. This is also very important when it comes to choosing the right photographer! If you or your partner doesn't like getting photos taken, then don't go with a photographer who is going to pose you formally or stiffly. That leads to my next point...

3. All photography is stiff and rigid looking.

When I had my first professional photoshoot, I felt awkward as heck. I was instructed to stand in different spots and just smile at the camera, or smile looking into the distance. Realistically, it wasn't very fun. I liked some of the photos! But, it wasn't fun. When I started photography I knew that this was something I wanted to sway away from. NOT ALL PHOTOGRAPHY IS STIFF AND RIGID LOOKING! Not all photography is overly-formal and traditional! I have a very candid, fun and natural approach when working with others. With me, it's a lot of laughing photos, photographs of you two smiling at each other (in a completely cute and normal way!!) like you always would! I have couples dance to the music that I play!! It's popping champagne bottles, or running towards the camera with your four legged friends!! Again, not all photography is stiff and rigid looking. It can be fun and interactive when you choose the right photographer!!

4. All photoshoots consist of walking around at a general location and your photographer asking you to smile in different spots.

Okay I kind of explained this one, but I also can't tell you HOW many people complain that they had photographers in the past who just stuck them in random spots and asked them to smile. They felt awkward and only liked about two of the photos. They had no clue how to pose, what to do with their arms or even got tired of smiling. That's why my approach is again very FUN and INTERACTIVE! Rarely will I ask couples to smile at the camera. Unless we're taking family formals at a wedding, that won't be the case!

My biggest point is that not every photographer has the same approach when taking pictures. Every photographer is different!! A photoshoot can be fun! In my opinion, photographers should be making the shoot interactive. Too many people out there feel uncomfortable on camera or dread taking photos. It's our job to completely reverse that and to make you look as beautiful in images as you look and/or feel in person!! <3

Thanks for the read!


Victoria E


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