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  • Victoria Segovia

A Cheat Sheet for Choosing Your Session's Location

If you're thinking about booking a photoshoot or already have one planned, and are clueless as to where you'd like your pictures taken, theennn you're in the right place! We're talking all about choosing your session's location and I'm going to help outline that for you.

When considering your options, you may even get overwhelmed. There are so many beautiful places to choose from in ANY city!! Where do you even start? I like to break it down into four different categories:





Before jumping right into choosing your location, I invite you to take a moment and think about where you spend the most time. If you're more of a city gal or guy, the urban location may be the one for you. Love spending time in the great outdoors? Go for a natural location! If you want something a bit more modern and clean, a studio may be best for you. Maybe you'd prefer to do it in the comfort of you own home! Choose the location for your photoshoot that is more fine tuned to your lifestyle. You're more likely to enjoy the photos if you do so. Let's dive into some details.


Some great options for natural locations include nature preserves, parks, flower fields, or maybe even your favorite hiking trail. You would be able to capture all of the warm colors, some glowing hues from the sun, and gorgeous greenery. I may be a bit biased, but this one's definitely my favorite!


Think about this location as being somewhere in the city. Imagine the buildings and architecture. You may find street signs, twinkly lights and paved roads. Going downtown for an urban location is an option, or even to a rooftop for an awesome view of the city! The possibilities here are endless.


This one isn't as common, but it's still requested! Studio locations are great for clean, modern looking photographs, as they oftentimes have simple coloring and decor. Maybe you're needing updated headshots, or wanting to display some of the photographs on a professional website. If that's the case, this is the spot for you.


There's no place like home. Getting photographs taken in the comfort of your own home is a great way to capture your lifestyle and milestones in an artistic way. It shows the beauty within your home and the captures special moments that occur within it. At home sessions are popular among couples and for families with younger children. Photographing children in such a familiar location also limits any unnecessary stress and creates an overall positive experience.

After choosing the general location for your shoot, it makes it much easier to narrow down your selections. Use Instagram's hashtags to explore more locations with the general feel, or even ask your photographer for some suggestions! Most photographers love sharing location ideas, and will be happy to provide you with some examples! I hope this helps!

Thanks for the read!

Victoria E


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