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  • Victoria Segovia

3 Questions you should ask yourself BEFORE booking your Wedding Photographer

So your big day is coming up! You're shopping around for photographers and there are so many options! Do you go with your best friend's photographer? A photographer that you found on Instagram? Where in the world do you even begin, and how do you know who to choose? I'm going to be going over three big questions that you should ask yourself BEFORE booking your Wedding Photographer.

1. Are you in love with their overall style?

There are several areas to consider here. I'm honing in on a few of them being the editing style, posing, and the photographer's presentation.

  • Editing: Different photographers have different styles. Some photograph with a light and airy visual appearance while others go for more of a warm, colorful and natural one (mine). Different photographers edit dark and moody. You have to choose whichever style you're most attracted to! Imagine the photographs you're going to be sharing for your family and friends to see. Think about the photographs you'll be posting on Instagram or Facebook! Or the ones you plan on framing around the house! Which matches your style? And which are you most drawn to? Instead of going for a popular photographer that everyone may be using, explore your options!

  • Posing: How do you want your photographs to look regarding posing? Do you want candid photographs, or more posed and smiling at the camera type pictures? Look through the photographer's portfolio and try to imagine yourself in the images. Do you find yourself stopping and thinking, 'I want images just like that!' or is it more, ' I sure hope they don't pose me like that couple...'? Take those thoughts into consideration! How one photographer poses other couples is how he or she is going to pose you!

  • Presentation: Does the photographer you're talking to seem overly formal? Or fun, still professional, and do they treat you like a good friend? Which do you prefer? Do you want a photographer who will be actively involved on your wedding day, like a friend? Or someone who will sit behind the scenes and stay quiet? This is SO IMPORTANT! You want to pay attention to this!! The way that the photographer treats you from day 1 is how they're going to treat you on the day of.

2. Do you connect with the photographer?

This isn't something you immediately think of when booking a photographer. I cannot stress how IMPORTANT it is though. Your photographer isn't just there to take pretty photos. He or she is going to be directing you and your friends throughout the entire day, and sharing + capturing some lifelong memories by your side. You need the photographer to be the right photographer in order to make the day go the right way. Some photographer like to meet in person before booking, others do it via phone call or video chat. Maybe you've met someone who sticks solely to email or text! One thing that is huge to note-- do you connect with the photographer in some way?

  • Ask yourself these questions: Do you find yourself chatting up a storm, finding commonalities, and feeling truly comfortable with how they go about everything? Do you feel like you could be friends? Or is it a bit awkward? Does something feel off? Listen to your gut!!

You want to feel like you can be yourself! Because that's how it's going to be on the day of!! Something else I'd like to add! When your photographer is more than just your photographer but ALSO is your friend, that's what makes the best images! You really want to feel like you can be yourself, so when the day comes, you aren't holding back! You'll be more comfortable!

3. Does the photographer have experience?

There is so much that I can go into here. Experience is huge for wedding photographers.

  • Does your wedding photographer have experience working in different lighting?

I can't tell you how many photographers call themselves "natural lighting photographers" solely because they have no clue how to use an external flash. That's a red flag! When choosing your photographer, note: Do they have photographs in their portfolio from the reception, showing that they can work with flash? In various lighting? That's going to reveal their experience and how well they really can work in different environments! Another area that's huge...

  • Yes, you may be able to pay a friend or a cousin, or an acquaintance to photograph your wedding on a budget or for cheap, but how is there experience in the Wedding industry?

You're about to create some lifelong memories that are going to be heirlooms for future generations to come. Do you want to put that in the hands of someone who doesn't have experience in the field, or doesn't necessarily know what they're doing? If you're on a budget, I promise that the right photographer will work with you and create a custom quote, even if their packages are out of your price range. Tell them that if so!! You can make it work! And it will be beyond worth it.

There is a lot to consider when choosing a Wedding Photographer. I'm sorry if it seems a bit overwhelming, BUUT I hope that some of this helped!! Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions, or if you're interested in booking! I'd love to work with you! :)

Thanks for the read!

Victoria E


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