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  • Victoria Segovia

The TRUTH Behind Getting Couple's Photos: MY Experience.

I decided to step in front of the camera for a change to experience a couple's shoot for myself! By the time we had gotten our photographs back, I realized I had learned A LOT throughout the process!! In this blog post, I'm outlining the truth behind getting couple's photos and sharing my honest experience!

First and foremost, I want to thank my amazing photographer friend Holly! She is a local photographer based out of the DFW area, you can check out her website here!

Let's get into the goodness now, shall we!?

If you're comfortable with your photographer before the session, your shoot will flow beyond smoothly!

This! Is! Huge! I learned that it's normal to feel a tad nervous before your photoshoot-- like to stress about what you're going to wear or how you'll look on camera. BUT. Once you're in person and get into the flow of it all, with an amazing photographer it won't even feel like you're on camera! (Sounds false right!?) Make sure you're comfortable with your photographer before you meet in person! Some photographers opt on just sending you their pricing and the first time that you talk is when you meet face-to-face! If you know the photographer and have met before, that may be okay for you! But personally, I like to get to know the photographer before they take my pictures! Because of this, I make sure to talk to each and every person that I work with myself (before we meet in person) just because it ensures that level of comfort.

Asking to see the back of the camera is a confidence boost (if your photographer doesn't show you already!)

I felt so goofy doing a lot of the poses, but also trusted that Holly knew what she was doing! (I've been behind the lens too!) It was SO helpful when we asked to see the back of her camera screen, just to get a glimpse of what some of the photographs looked like! It was definitely a major confidence boost, ensured us that we didn't look as goofy as we felt, and our photographer was more than happy to share! Most photographers don't mind, or they'll voluntarily share some sneaks with you! I love showing couples how they look on camera because of this reason!

It's sort of like a date night on steroids.

If you go for a photographer that has more of a candid style, your photoshoot won't even feel like a photoshoot. (Crazy right!?!?) After getting our photos taken, we walked away and talked about how fun and laidback it was. Not every photographer has the same style, some go for more of the stiff smiling poses instead (that's ok!!). BUT if you do decide on a photographer with that candid and fun style, I swear, you forget you're on camera. I've even had a few of the couples I've worked with tell me the same thing! It was hard to believe until I experienced it for myself!

You won't be able to stop looking at your photographs after you get them back.

The excitement that you feel after your photoshoot is crazy! You're ready to see how they turned out! You're checking your photographer's social media platforms to see if they've shared any sneak peeks! You don't want to wait! THEN, you get your photos back and WOW you won't be able to stop looking at them. Tyler and I found ourselves going back to the photos over and over again after they were delivered. They made us smile, tear up a bit, and realize how crazy in love we are!! We shared them with family and friends who did a lot of ooooh-ing and ahhh-ing!! I used one for my iPhone lockscreen (which I refuse to change!), and had such a time choosing which picture to use! With a good photographer, you'll like every single one of the pictures they return (because they remind you of how seriously happy you two are together!)

MY BIGGEST TAKEAWAY: It's beyond worth it. Don't question it, just do it!

If you're holding back because of your budget or putting it off because you're nervous or camera shy, I promise you that the right photographer will work with you to try to figure something out. Again, it feels like a date night in the end and is such a fun way to escape and have fun in the process!! You'll be laughing your butt off throughout the entire session and leave with a smile on your face! If you're questioning it, question no more and just go for it! You won't regret it!

Again, thank you Holly for these amazing photographs and for such a wonderful experience!!

Thanks for the read!!

Victoria E


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