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  • Victoria Segovia

Brendan & Emily, Saint Louis Arch Wedding Proposal

THIS SAINT LOUIS ARCH PROPOSAL!! My goodness where do I even begin!!? If you like stories and surprises, then you're going to love this one. Brendan didn't just surprise emily with a proposal and wedding ring, but he had TWO other surprises waiting for her right after!! Keep reading to find out what those may be...!! This perfect day started with Emily & Brendan's couple's photoshoot. Emily "won" my holiday photoshoot giveaway so it wasn't out of the ordinary. We started by the Arch and worked our way around downtown Saint Louis for the first half of the shoot:

After it started to SNOW out, we took cover in a nearby hotel for a quick outfit change and to warm up! Then it was showtime!! We made our way back out to an awesome view of the arch (where we spotted a Christmas tree!) and snapped some more photos.

Surprise #1

Brendan completely surprises Emily by pulling out a ring and getting down on a knee!!

Emily of course is in shock, SAYS YES and I'm over the MOON because photographing proposals are my absolute favorite!! Hearts were racing, a few tears were shed and the excitement was flowing through everyone's veins!! (If you wanna see a quick 'lil reel I made of this special moment, check it out here!!) After capturing the proposal, we ran around the city for a few engagement photos!!

Surprise #2

As we wrap up the shoot, we start walking back to the parking lot together. That's when Emily realizes....

SURPRISE!! Emily's family is waiting with flowers, a bottle of champagne to pop, with smiles and tears!! Everyone shared their excitement, joy and started their mini celebration!!

Surprise #3

Emily, Brendan, their families and I parted ways.. (for now!!) We followed them home for SURPRISE #3, A SURPRISE PARTY!! Emily opened her door to find ALL of their close family members, family friends, high school and college friends and roommates screaming, "SURPRISE!!" There were decorations, food, drinks, festivities, a personalized cake-- it was the perfect end to the perfect shoot/day!!

This couple and days like these are the reason why I love my job as a photographer. I got to capture one of the most special moments in these two's lives, have a BLAST along the way and celebrate + make new friends right after!! CONGRATS AGAIN to Brendan & Emily! Can't wait to see what the future has in store for these two!!


Victoria E


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