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  • Victoria Segovia


If you're a podcast lover like me, then you'll most likely find this list beyond useful. Learning and diving deep into research is a vital step to growing any business. Podcasts make that process so much fun and fill you with inspiration along the way! I'm excited to share my favorite business and photography related podcasts to help you grow just as a I have! Apologizing in advance for how much time will be sucked away from you, because of all the GOODNESS you'll find in these!

1. The Goal Digger Podcast

Jenna Kutcher is one of the most knowledgable business educators that I resonate with. If you don't know who this woman is, then you're big time missing out. Jenna dives deep into tips regarding productivity, marketing, social media strategies, and more in her podcasts. Not to mention that you can clearly tell how dedicated she is. Wow, I've learned so much from Jenna as a whole. Do yourself a favor and learn more about her. You won't regret it.

2. The Heart & Hustle Podcast

These two women are some of my biggest business role models. They incorporate their faith, love for the field of photography, and humor into each of their podcasts. Lindsey Roman and Evie Rupp are beautiful people, inside and out, and that's so evident in the work that they put out there. Every podcast is useful in one way or the other. You'll learn something new within each episode, photography/business wise or not. Seriously. So good.

3. Six Figure Photography Podcast with Ben Hartley

Ben Hartley is full of knowledge regarding marketing techniques, and gives it all to help others grow in the photography business specifically. He is also an award winning wedding photographer, so has the same perspective and experience behind the lens as many do. Not to mention how down to earth Ben Hartley is! I'm always fueled with energy and inspiration after listening to these podcasts. Go give this one a listen!

4. Wild Ones Wedding Photography

This podcast isn't only solely about wedding photography, don't let the title fool you! Based in the UK, Nicola Dixon is the host of this awesome podcast and does in depth interviews with others in the field. What I love about this podcast is that Nicola not only teaches you about the business side, but she even encourages its listeners to be the best versions of themselves. She has episodes on finding your purpose, exploring options for inspiration, and embracing the good in times of trial and error. Plus, not gonna lie, her accent is pretty cool. I've learned so much from Nicola Dixon, I know you will too!

5. No BS with Bree + Stephen

Bree and Stephen are a powerful content creating couple. As elopement photographers and educators, they have so much knowledge in the field and are willing to share much of it with you too. Their podcasts aren't as long, around twenty minutes tops, and are always full of useful tools to help you up your business. I love Bree and Stephen because they oftentimes bring in their personal experiences, the energy between these two as a couple is amazing, and you can tell they truly care about those that they're interacting with. This couple also has an insanely useful Youtube channel, full of photography and business tips. Check 'em out!

I hope that you found this list useful! There are so many episodes within each podcast that I've queued up and still plan on listening to. Like I said, podcasts are a great way to diversify your learning, and really inspire you to get out there and start doing. Happy Listening!

Thanks for the read,

Victoria E


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