Where to print your photos?

There are a few options that I recommend to others, and they vary depending on what you may be looking for. 

If you are trying to make prints of your photos, I, as well as many other photographers, recommend that you use a website by the name of Mpix to order your prints. They have super fast shipping and their photos are premium quality with top-of-the-line papers and ink. The quality of the photo is everything and with Mpix you really do get more than you would from a drugstore, superstore, or online print shop!

Two very common photo printing sites that you also may have heard of are Snapfish and Shutterfly. Snapfish is great if you are looking for photo products like calendars, pillow cases, coffee mugs, etc. They are also pretty affordable and almost always have sales going on. Additionally, Snapfish partners with Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens for easy in store pickup. Shutterfly is a bit pricier than Snapfish, but they are also great for products similar to those that Snapfish provides.