What should I expect?

I typically show up to the location a bit early and start looking around the location to find the best places to shoot. When you arrive on location, I'll give you an idea of what I have in mind. During the shoot, we will walk around and move from place to place to get a variety of backdrops and lighting. My goal is to make this experience fun! It will not be stiff and formal, so expect to move around and to be yourself. I will direct you in posing as needed and give you various movements to follow in order to make the photos look as natural as possible. 


If you have any specific ideas in mind, please let me know prior to shooting so that I can prepare. I'm open to trying whatever you may have in mind. This can include bringing props, pets, blankets, banners, the list goes on! I'd love to turn any of your ideas into a reality.

If you are doing a portrait session with me, feel free to bring different accessories to spice up the photos (glasses, different pieces of jewelry, etc.). Don't worry about carrying everything around, I usually bring a large bag that I can put your belongings in. I sometimes may bring an assistant with me to help carry items and multiple cameras/lenses as well.