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  • Victoria Segovia

Toulouse, France

Bonjour from Toulouse, France! Having traveled far and abroad already, this is my first time in Europe and I’ve quickly fallen in love with the beautiful culture. Jet lag woke us up around 7am and we were greeted with an amazing breakfast buffet in the first floor of our hotel. (I could go on and on about the food, but I’ll be posting about that separately pretty soon here!) Compiling three days of exploring the gorgeous city of Toulouse into one short blog post is by far not the easiest, so I’ll just be going over the highlights.

Right outside of our hotel was the Capitole de Toulouse— the heart of the city. Before the building’s City Hall is a big square of open space, filled with markets, vendors, street performers and people during the day. We encountered groups of locals doing flips and singing songs, snacked on crepes and macaroons, and even bought a few sunhats from the marketplace for the hot summer heat (101° F)!

Surrounding the square you’ll find colorful alleyways, balconies, and dozens of open windows—all my favorite to photograph.

We spent our three days exploring gardens like Jardin De Plantes:

Learning about the history by visiting local museums and churches:

And of course walking, lots and lots of walking. I’ve said it already and I’ll keep saying it, France and its culture is so insanely beautiful. From the language itself, the people, and the architecture, to the foods they serve. Toulouse, France was an amazing city to start the trip off with while beginning to get a feel for the rich culture. Off to Lourdes we go!


Victoria E


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