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  • Victoria Segovia

The Biggest Secret to Bringing in more Income as a Creator...

I'm about to give you one of the most beneficial (and maybe even obvious) answers as to how to bring in more money as a content creator. I get it, it can be difficult. You just want to grow and have work at times. I have the answer for you. I'll break it down and provide a few examples too. Ready for this?


Diversify your income.

As a creative person, you don't just have to stick to your designated field. I'm a portrait photographer right? Did you know that on the side, I also take on web design projects, create videos for clients, do commercial work by working with corporate clients, I do real estate photography, product photography, and even educate others on topics like social media marketing and branding? You probably didn't know any of that, because I don't market myself as doing those things. The best part? You don't have to either. Just because you don't market all of your abilities, it doesn't mean you can't take on other projects on the side too.


If you're a content creator (a photographer, videographer, blogger, model, etc.), I invite you to do an exercise with me. Pull out a pen and piece of paper, or open a google docs file if you're on your computer. Now, make a list of all the skills you have and are able to provide for others. Contemplate the value that you can give. I also ask you to think about what you enjoy doing yourself. (Example: For me, I realized I really enjoyed working on my website, so website design is something I provide.) Maybe you enjoy working out and could create then sell some awesome workout plans. The possibilities are endless here.

Now, take that list, and think about how you can turn those mini passions into profit!


Take on the projects that you enjoy doing for yourself. You'll find that others will trust you and your judgement, because you have knowledge about the subject. Market that you're able to do those things, and opportunities will flood your way! Not only is this a great way to stay busy, but it also switches things up in the slower seasons.

Best of luck :)

Victoria E

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