• Victoria Segovia

Sam & Amber | Saint Louis Couples Session

This couple's photoshoot took place in Saint Louis' Broemmelsiek Park, and boy was it beautiful. Sam and Amber are the CUTEST couple, and this photoshoot was an adventure to say the least. We arrived to the park around sunset, and I actually had to stop and revel in the beauty a few times because of how gorgeous everything looked.

I mean come ooonnnn...

Like I said, gorgeous right? And being able to use that as a backdrop for our photographs, oooh it was a dream. Sam and Amber are a fun and playful couple, which made this shoot a blast! The prompts that I gave them ended up turning into laughter and so many jokes were made along the way. I found myself laughing behind the camera screen with them multiple times!! (If you know me, that's what sparks my creativity the most, I love love the energy on couples sessions!) It's honestly crazy that I get to call this my job, I love directing then capturing people's relationships and their interactions so insanely much.

Check out some of my favorite photographs below!

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Victoria E