• Victoria Segovia

Why I Rebranded My Business; Big Changes are Coming...

Woah, I rebranded! What and why?! In case you haven't seen or heard about it on social media, I decided to do a full blog post outlining my creative decisions and how I came to make them. Not only did I decide to rebrand... but more changes are coming in my world of photography.

The basics. What is a brand?

"A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer's decision to choose one product or service over another." -Seth Godin

A brand isn't just a logo or the pretty colors, it's so much more. It's how you go about your marketing, your advertising, it's the trust that your clients have in you, the relationships you form with others, or how you present yourself on social media.

I personally found that I needed to narrow down all of these aspects and communicate more with the public.

First and foremost, I decided to rebrand because my website did not accurately represent who I am or what I stand for. I realized that I had outgrown my work, that it was not very cohesive, and that my portfolio was a bit overwhelming. Plus, no where on my site did I describe why I love photographing, or even what I offer to begin with.

I knew that I needed to begin narrowing down the session types that I offer, so I did that! If you've been following me and my photo journey long enough, you'll remember that I used to have a section on my website for my travel photos, for concert photography, a random assortment of events that I've shot, an unorganized mess of people... the list goes on. Long story short, my site was a biiiit cluttered. I needed to do something about it, so I went to work.

With a pen and paper in hand, I started by drafting my ideas and goals for my business. What was my ideal clientele? What kinds of photos did I want to take? In what direction do I hope to head in? Being the reader that I am, I did lots of research on business and marketing, read books, and created an official business plan.

I was ready to get really serious with photography.

My business was finally evolving, I was getting the consistent work I had once dreamed of getting, and I just really needed to reflect that. I did the fun, creative parts like making a new logo, choosing a new color scheme, and ordering new business cards. I purchased a new camera, new gear, and constantly educated myself. I worked on the website-- wrote detailed descriptions of what goes into each session, updated my headshots, included some published work, and along the way I kept on learning. I also did the not so fun parts, like the legal and financial stuff. I sat down and educated myself on taxes, business expenses, and sought advice from mentors and other business owners in my life. This isn't to say that I stopped doing this, in fact, I keep learning as much as I can every day!

Time for the changes, are you ready!?

One of the big changes that I now plan on making is devoting a portion of my business to educating other photographers. I've learned so much from creators in the field, and my goal is to give back and do the exact same for others. How do I plan on doing this? More blog posts and written work! Instructional videos! Tutorials! Boooyy do I have plans! Education is something I am passionate about (added bonus: I am working towards completing my Bachelor of Education and plan on applying this to my work as a photographer).

Another change that is coming... I'm SO excited to announce that I am now officially a wedding photographer based in both the Dallas and Saint Louis areas! A Wedding photographer! Can. You. Believe. It. I was debating on sharing the news and details, or keeping it private and starting to progressively post the wedding photos. But. I wanted to be real and take you all on the journey with me. I am beyond blessed to have found so much work and a connection in both places, and plan on going full throttle with it this coming fall. Being a wedding photographer has been one of my dreams and it's so exciting to finally be coming true.

Sure I've done a few weddings before, photographed proposals and engagements or couples, but i'm talking big weddings, all of the time. Beautiful, long white laced dresses and veils, weddings in churches, weddings outdoors, weddings in gardens, huge wedding parties, photographing first dances, cake cutting, the list goes on.

It's crazy reflecting on this journey and thinking about the steps that I'm about to take. Looking back, I remember telling those around me that I could never take on the wedding scene. "It's too much pressure," I'd say. I couldn't even imagine myself being confident enough to do it. I'd worry about the image count, the gear, the communication side... These past years I've gained so much confidence in my work and from the experiences that I've had. I've learned so much from being in the field, that I can't wait to see where this will take me!

My journey isn't over. I'm still learning, still growing, and still changing. As I expand and take on these amazing experiences, I'll be carrying my business and brand with me along the way. Everyday I continue living my dream of working as a photographer and educating others now goes hand in hand with that vision. I'm so inspired and really look forward to where else I'll be taken.

A big fat thank you to everyone I've worked with in the past, to those reading this very message, and to those following me on my journey!


Victoria E