• Victoria Segovia

Neha | STL Portrait Session

I was more than excited for this mini shoot around the Central West End area (STL), for a number of reasons. 1.) I've finally invested in a beautiful NEW CAMERA! (Which I plan on doing a more detailed blog post on later!) I was of course, eager to finally use it during one of my portrait sessions! 2.) This shoot was with my gorgeous friend named Neha, who helped me get more into photography to begin with. Neha and I met during our freshman year of college and of course, grew to be close friends because of our shared passion for photography. As newbies in the big city of Saint Louis, we set out to explore the areas around us with our cameras in hand. A few years later, here we are, cameras still in hand, as we keep snapping away.

You can see some of the photos below! Keep reading after for a few more updates.... !?

Update on the life and works of Victoria E Photography!

If you've read this far, you are amazing. In case you haven't heard or noticed, I recently rebranded my entire site and business! I decided to revamp the layout, personalize and brand my business towards who I am and what I offer, and add more visuals to the whole. This included designing a new logo and picking a neutral color scheme to complement it all. Why the neutrals? Well, I figured if I am a natural light photographer, and aim to capture the most natural looking photos as possible, I needed to represent that in my design!

What else is coming with this rebranding? New blog posts and better layouts! More tips and direction for other photographers! Freebies and discounts for other creators! Advice and words to those I will be working with! Discounts and more sales for clients! Just wait, great things are coming with this new year. I look forward to sharing more of my journey with you all.

Victoria E