• Victoria Segovia

Madie | Portrait Session

Anndd I'm back from traveling, super excited to share these last few portrait sessions with you all! As always, I had such a fun time. I'm actually fortunate enough to consider Madie a close friend of mine. Madie is currently a student at Texas A&M University studying industrial and systems engineering. She just finished an internship as a Healthcare Systems Engineer at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, and is one of the most hardest working and smartest person that I know. Madie and I have spent hours diving into questions regarding our Christian faith together all while creating some of the best memories that I have. She has also dedicated a large portion of her life to dancing! When Madie let me know that she needed new headshots and wanted to throw some dance photos into the mix, I knew it'd be a good one. Three outfit changes later at Grapevine Botanical Gardens, a quick sunset and a bit of the summer heat, we finally finished our shoot! Once again, way too many photos to choose from to post! Enjoy!!


Victoria E