Choosing a location?

I typically recommend a few locations to my clients. It's up to you to decide which one best fits your lifestyle, as well as what your vision includes for these photos. We can have your session anywhere you'd like, so if you have an idea in mind and it is not one I recommend, please do not hesitate to bring it up! I am very open to trying new places! 

At Home

I typically recommend the at home sessions for both the little ones and for pets, as it is somewhere that they are most comfortable with. These sessions can also be popular with families or couples! At home sessions are a great way to reflect your lifestyle and we can always get creative with what is around us.


This is a great setting for nature lovers, or if you are looking for a more natural feel with your portraits. There are SO many great parks and fields that we can choose from! If you choose this as a general location, we can work together to find which place in particular you like the best. Depending on where you are located, I can send you a list of parks and places that I have worked with before, or see as being a great fit! As a general note, I also always make sure to visit the location prior to the shoot to guarantee that it would make for great photos.


The urban setting includes lots of textures, beautiful backdrops with buildings and lights, and makes for a great place for portrait sessions. Choosing an urban setting is always a lot of fun because there is always so much to work with! There are so many hidden gems and locations in the city to choose from. If you choose an urban location, I will also send you a list of the best areas that I believe to be a great fit!